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4 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

By houseoffice

Spruce up of your home doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to do, and a little home improvement and spruce up your home decor you can do alone.
Very often, we’re so used to our surroundings at home that we don’t notice when things start to look a little worn or simply old-fashioned.
If you don’t re-act on this situation, then over time, a certain malaise can set in, or you will accustom to this situation.
So, if you will find that at home it is time to change the decor, you don’t skip renovation but do it by yourself in a few steps.
Happily, it doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to do a little home improvement and to arrange a new decor.
Here are four ideas to get a new home decor.

1. A Fresh Painting of the Walls
A fresh coat of paint costs really very little, if you decided to do it by yourself.
Only a day or two days of time, and you can quickly bring new light and airiness to your home.
If you’re considering a major change in colour, paint a cardboard square that colour and hang it up on the wall, then you can check how it will look the new colour at various times of the day and evening.

2. New Lighting
The fastest and effective way to change the mood of your home decor is to change the lighting, especially new light in the living room and in the kitchen can give big effect. If you have overhead lights, switch also to wall sconces. If your living room needs a refreshing, install a new chandelier.
Take a while to analyse a bathroom lights, maybe there need to refresh something or simply give a bulb with higher electric power but remember, better don’t give any lights on the wall.

3. Create More Free Space
If your rooms are small or simply cluttered, there are many interior decors techniques which you can use to make the space seem larger. For example, change size of tables to conserve space in your living room.
Buy a coffee table with a drawer that add storage space in living room. Similarly, you can use the baskets which can be decorative and functional, and they will give you a place to keep inside many things.

4. State Your Own Style
You can easily add your own personal style to any room, but especially to a living room, by implementing a main theme. You can incorporate pieces that reflect your aesthetic and your preferences in life.
You can carry the own style through with throw rugs, decorative pillows, and wall artwork. Any changing up fabric patterns and textures will quickly shift the mood of a room.

As you can easy to see, a refreshing up your home doesn’t require a lot of money and a lot of work, but requires some of your imagination. Give your home a touch of your personal style, and your home will your personal asylum.