December 2018

What to look for before you order house clearance services

House clearance can be a hard to do and emotionally demanding business because you’re dealing with the removal and disposal of bulky and sometimes dangerous contents from your house. This you should know and remember.

How do you find a responsible house clearance company though and what should you look for?
While there are plenty of these companies in existence, how do you know that the one you are thinking of using is a responsible, effective one? Above we give you a few advices.

  1. License and insurance
    First, check that the company you are thinking of using is fully licensed and insured. They should be registered with the environment agency to deal with any potentially hazardous waste in the house. They should also have enough insurance to cover any damage accidentally inflicted on the house in the removal process.
    See if they are members of the UK House Clearance Association, which has a code of conduct for its members and requirements of their operating standards.
  2. Generall information for ordered house clearance service.
    Next step you should make sure that they are able to do everything you order from them. Will your house clearance involve removing carpets and electrical goods? Check that the company you are considering can deal with both. Will it involve bulky items that will need careful removal?
    Remember that industrial sites and residential sites are two very different prospects, so make sure that you hire a company able to cope with your particular circumstances.
  3. Ecology aspect for house clearance service.
    Ask them what the company is going to do with the waste once it has removed it.
    In these environmentally conscious times, many of us are making a determined effort to recycle, that’s why we recommend you to choose a company who effectively care about cology. You should remember that not all of these companies recycle the same amount. Some will do the bare minimum required by the law
    but others do much more than law say and they make that almost everything be recycled or reused is. Choose an option which is the best for natural envroiment.
  4. Business aspect for your house clearance service.
    Don’t forget to consider the business aspects of house clearance for your house.
    How much is it going to cost to have the location cleared.
    Will it include cleaning, or just the removal of objects?
    How quickly will they be able to do the job?
    You should think about the customer service side of things too.
    Look for a company that is professional and competitively priced but we recommend you don’t automatically go for the cheapest. Take the other considerations into account too, not only price.

For more information and advice about fully covered house clearance with liability insurance contact with House and Office Clearance Ltd please. We will prepare for you excellent personalised free quote for your house clearance in London

December 2018

Christmas time 2018

Christmas coming and if you think that you need order house clearance we give you suggested that it is last moment to order clearance service.
If you think that our house clearance service is enough good for you please call 0794 455 7700

For all our customers and all our friends we wish you Marry Christmas.

How to fight with global warming

Global warming is a serious issue which we really should to address as quickly as possible.
Our governments and international organisations endlessly discuss different tactics to slow down pollution but we peoples need to do our part as well.

climate and earth

The biggest things we can do is to produce less waste and rubbish. If we use less materials, especiall plastics and fuel we really give helping hand to natural envroiment.
We woiuld like give you advice how can you create less waste and rubbish.

  1. Buy Less
    The simplest thing we can do is to buy less products and buy those which we really need and we should pay big attention how their are packedand which materials are used to packing.
    In fact just buying less of everything would be the best idea.
    Before we start shopping we should make a list of all things we buy in a week and make note of everything which we don’t used, then cut those out of our weekly shopping.
    Next step is to stop using plastic bags from supermarkets and take our own bags to shop. Plastic bags make up a serious problem in many country and in UK too.

2. Reuse Items as long as possible
   Another thing we can do is to reuse packaging and items like plastic bags       which just we have from last shopping.
   Things like cardboard boxes and paper bags we have from shop we can   use them in the future while removals and house clearnce.

  1. Food leftovers
    One of the biggest things we waste every day is too much food.
    If we will buy only really food which we need we will reduce our waste and food producers can save water, fuel and another kind of energy.

Only this few easy action from us but big help for our planet. We should remeber that.

Few tips for removals 

House removals are not easy. Peoples who never changed house they think that removals can go easy but true is that these procedures don’t go fast. The process is slow in so many ways, especially if you have much to pack.

Basic procedures in home removals include packing everything, loading these to vehicles, and unloading everything once you’re in your new home. This is hard labour.
While packing you should pay special attention to involves documents, clothes, and glassware.
Speciall important are documents because is easy to lose them while removals but then need long time to get new.
To perfect protect your things you should use bubble wrap and boxes.
Loading everything from your house onto vehicles requires strength and spatial skills. That’s why while ordering removals company you should ask about 3 or 4 peoples team. Bigger group of worker give you more chance that your removals will fast realised.
Unloading is another importent situation especially if you packed in a hurry. Unlabelled boxes can lead to confusion, as you don’t know what these contain.

Home removals require intensive preparation and the earlier you do, so the better. If you have yet to find experts, do so today. Call the companies and ask for official quotations on service and rates but we recommend for you profesionall house clearance team from House and Office Clearance Ltd. They are team professionals who will easy and fast throw away every sort of rubbish from your property. With us yuo can order house clearance, office clearance and simply every kind rubbish removals in London.
We will generally pick up all kinds of materials from furniture to electronic appliances.
Our prices for rubbish removals services includes labour and all disposal fees.
Visit us on and call to check price for your house removals.  

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