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A Few Tips For Furniture Cleaning

By houseoffice

A living room is a comfortable place for every family where family can relax, eat and spend time with children.
Spending an amount of time playing and eating with children in the same room for longer time will accumulate some dirt and dust. Especially we will see that dirt on carpet, on the sofa and on armchairs if we have them in the living room.
So, the living room must be regularly cleaned to remove that dirt, dust and some small pieces of food. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that in a place where we are spending so longe time per day, there will accumulate also millions of bacteria. For good condition of health of our children, we have to remove that bacteria as many as possible.
Regular cleaning of all room, and especially furniture and carpet in living room will guarantee high standard of hygiene in our house.

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning and Furniture Cleaning

– before you start to clean upholstery, you should to know the kind of fabric, and you must know the proper cleaning methods for different upholstery. Without the knowledge about professional upholstery cleaning, you can destroy upholstery furniture irretrievably. This you should remember, and the best way will to start from vacuum cleaning
– vacuum your upholstery furniture first, also pay attention to vacuum under pillows and around seams for the best results.
– to clean stains, you need to know the different types of stains because each stain requires a different treatment. Some stains, you can clean with warm water with detergent
– Food stains, dirt, tea, coffee and wine respond very well to steam cleaning. Some stains need different kind of treatment, and need more than one treatment.
– for some stains, oil stains, ketchup and red wine, the best is chemical cleaners to remove stains.
– for big and hard to remove stains on upholstery, the best is to rent a professional steam cleaner.
To keep your upholstery furniture looking good and smelling good, it is important to do periodical deep cleaning and sanitizing them.

Carpet Cleaning

– regular vacuuming to remove dust, dirt, grit, pieces of food and animals hairs (if you have animal). Many dirt which are laying on the carpet we don’t see, but regular cleaning is necessary.
– washing carpets every 12 months is also necessary, for this cleaning the best is to hire professional company. Hiring professionals, let you choose method of cleaning carpets, for example you can choose steam cleaning.
If you are looking for professionals cleaners team, let’s contact with House and Office Clearance Ltd, as house clearance specialists we co-work with professional home cleaners, who can solve your problems with dirty, dust etc.