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Eco-friendly disposal of printer cartridges

By houseoffice

Every year a massive amount which is over 375 million empty printer cartridges end up in landfills. This is worrying because around 97% of materials used to produce cartridges are recyclable or reusable. Not everyone is thinking when throwing away those little items. They are very eco-friendly when disposed of in the correct way. If…

Seasonal Garden Clearance And New Look for Our Garden

By houseoffice

Seasonal garden clearance is nothing other than cleaning your garden after the cold seasons. We all want a nice and tidy garden for summer to enjoy but after the winter it’s always messy and looks unappealing. When spring comes it is the perfect time to do some clearance and maybe even transform the look of…

Office Removals

By houseoffice

Offices removal is a demanding task to do, even for a small business. In the case of a very small company there is a little less preparation, but the process is still quite big because companies have the big number of office equipment, furniture and kilograms of various files. That’s why the help of a…

Choosing the right house clearance company

By houseoffice

Choosing the right house clearance service can be hard at first, but it doesn’t have to be hard if you have some useful information about it. Just like choosing any other service, there are guidelines you should follow to make sure you are choosing the right house clearance company. In this short text I’d like…