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Happy New Year 2021

By houseoffice

Happy New Year 2021 for our customers and for everyone who visit our website. We wish you to stay healthy and safely in 2021. House and Office Clearance Ltd team       5 / 5 ( 1 vote )

How important is rubbish clearance

By houseoffice

Rubbish clearance   Look and easy you will see that the typical person of our time is an hoarder. Many people for all their life accumulate “something”. It can be a small thing from holiday or travel or big old equipments, furnitures and not useful item from our home. Almost every house or flat have…

Few tips how to choose good office removals service

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Professional office removals   Office removal is a demanding task, even for a small business. It is true that in the case of a very small company there is less preparation, but the process is still wanted attention and good plan. Companies have numerous office equipment, furniture and kilograms of various papers, documents and data…

General Tips to Help You With a House Clearance

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House Clearance – General Tips House Clearance is usually the result of a few things happening in our life. For example, you are going to change house or flat and it is the right moment to check what is not used at our home and simply to order house clearance service to clean our house…