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General Tips to Help You With a House Clearance

By houseoffice

House Clearance – General Tips

House Clearance is usually the result of a few things happening in our life.
For example, you are going to change house or flat and it is the right moment to check what is not used at our home and simply to order house clearance service to clean our house form unwanted items.
Moving to a new home is the best moment to clear the items you decided not to take with you.
To realize an effective house clearance you will need an excellent house clearance company, a firm with good opinion and good reference on the market.
There on market are many firm to choose from and you have to find this one right for you.

So, how do you find a reputable, insured, environmental friendly, registered and responsible house clearance company?
There are ways to make this easily achievable and I’d like to show you tips to make the right choice when picking a house clearance service company.
1. Use a search engine i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and go visit a few web pages which belong to house clearance companies.
Make a short list of 3 of 4 companies and call or mail to them with request about free quote.
2. Look for customers forums from your city where you can verify a good house clearance service.
3. If point one or two don’t help you find the right service, then call to one or two companies from your list and speak to arrange for them to visit you. If they refuse to visit free, you should call to the next one.
4. When the agent of clearance company visit you, ask him to see some written testimonials from ex customers and then phone to them.
5. Ensure they have liability insurance in place and have waste carriers licence issued by the environment agency in your city.
The latter is vital to ensure correct in law transport of rubbish.
Insurance is vital if you need to claim from them if something happens.
6. Look at their vehicle. If they have a scruffy old van it’s probably better to change service because they probably will not follow your expectations.
Tidy truck is a warrantee of efficient clearance.
7. Ensure you that you get a fixed quote in writing e.g. by email. Try to get quote from two or three companies to compare their quote.
Don’t accept any verbal prices.
8. Don’t pay until the end of their work and if they insist on payment give them 25% or so as a gesture of good intentions.
9. Finally, before house clearance workers leave your home check that they only take what you have designated for clearance.

Remember that not everyone with a van and a strong muscle can call themselves House Clearance professionals and you have to check that few points about house clearance service to be sure that you choose the right firm.
With my house clearance tips, you should get a successful house clearance service.


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