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How to realize idea Zero Waste in our home?

By houseoffice

Idea Zero Waste has reached Europe and the UK, changing the lives of many of us to be better. Caring for the environment, consisting in reducing the amount of rubbish produced each day, does not have to be associated with great restrictions.

Where should you start life without plastic ?
From the limitation of plastic, which is the greatest threat to our planet.

How to replace plastic objects?
Contrary to appearances, we are not doomed to plastic, and there are more and more replacements for disposable items made from plastic.
Anyone who wants to reduce plastic in their lives can find a lot of small items for themselves, thanks to which they will be able to dispense with disposable trinkets, which form piles of decomposing waste centuries.

Instead of bottled water – tap water bottle, instead of plastic bags or plastic bags – fabric bags and mesh.

Thermal coffee mugs instead of disposable mugs offered by most gas stations or catering establishments.

Containers for sandwiches instead of foil, to which so many people still give their lunch.

Giving up plastic ear sticksreplacing a plastic toothbrush with a wooden toothbrush – these are simple changes that everyone can make in their lives even today.
Thanks to them, we can easily reduce the amount of plastic waste in our surroundings and more effectively protect the environment for our children and next generations.