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Office furniture and IT equipment removals

By houseoffice

What should you do when you need a removals for office rubbish, old furniture and IT equipment


Every office have the problem of what to do with old office equipment from desks, chairs to computers, printers, laptops and monitors.
What should you do?

1. Many charities organisations accept office furniture for drop-off to them, sometimes they have a free pick-up service. How to find them? The best way is to write question in google search and then call to choosed charities with information about office furniture and IT equipments.
With disposing of office furniture is no any problem because they don’t contain any company information.

2. Disposal of old PCs, notebooks and laptops must be prepared carefuly because they can contain confidential data stored on their hard disks. Before they will send to disposal they must beprofessional protected and the information saved to hard drive will not stolen.

3. All electronic devices we use in office they contain heavy metals and other toxins that can be harmful to the environment and they must be recycled responsibly.

4. When choosing an office clearance company remeber to ask them what happens to your hard disks and ask about certificate of destruction. If they not provide certificate of destruction you should change office clearance service.

In summary the key things to look for when choosing an office clearance service is confirmation that they destroy all information stored on hard drives and will give you certificate.
Of course this office clearance service need to show you insurance and licence to provide this service in your city.


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