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10 Questions Before Hiring a Removalist

By houseoffice

Few Questions to Ask Your Removalist Company


Moving your house can be easy to do, if you hire an experienced removalist company. They will provide your removal fast, effective and trouble-free. Before you decide whom to hire, you must firstly ask them about details of the removals service.

1. Licence and experience
Ask about licence and about time they are providing services on market. How many years of experience have the company on local market?
A good removalist should have considerable experience.
To stay competitive for so long on the market, they must have a big number of satisfied ex-customers.

2. References from customers
You shouldn’t hire a moving company without checking their references.
Reputable removalist company would happily provide you with references from past customers.
Also check some online testimonials about chosen company.

3. Company insurance
A professional removalist will show you company insurance and will provide you with several kinds of moving insurances for your stuff.

4. Quote of moving
You should be clearly informed what you’re charged for and why? Shouldn’t be any hidden costs.
Don’t forget to ask the removalist whether packing and unpacking the items are included or not.

5. Additional services provided by removal company
Mostly of removals companies provide additional services like can pack and unpack for you everything, offer house clearance services, and pets transportation. Ask the company you are chosen what they provide as additional service.

6. Fragile and special items to transport
Ask how movers will protect and treat your fragile items.
Antiques, glass-fronted furniture and musical instruments need special attention. So, ask your movers how they care to such valuable items.

7. Confirm the arrival date of the removals truck
Ask about guaranteed pickup and delivery service.

8. What to do before the moving?
Simply ask them, maybe they expect something before the moving?

9. Old furniture

It is possible that you can be asked to sell or donate your old furniture to reduce the amount of stuff for transport.

10. Car park for truck

Confirm them that you will reserve a car park for the truck a front of your old and new house.
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