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7 simple steps to reduce plastic consumption in your life

By houseoffice

7 simple steps to reduce plastic consumption


Each of us sees from time to time campaigns that promote the reduction of plastics on a daily basis. Are you wondering why this should be done?
The answer is simple to care for the environment and care for animals.
Only during everyday shopping we buy and immediately throw unbelievably large amounts of plastic into the bin.
By reducing the wear of the contact strip, we reduce environmental pollution and save our money.
How to do it?
There are many simple ways to reduce the presence of plastic in our everyday life. Every day we should remember to eliminate or limit the use of products such as:
1. Carrier bags
This is the most obvious point of plastic reduction in our lives.
When buying a plastic bag, you should remember that one plastic bag can be decomposed up to 1000 years!
Very often, the bags go to the waters (rivers, lakes and seas), where they are perceived as food for fish and animals.
For shopping, we can take bags made of ecological materials, and if we already have a plastic bag, we should use it until it becomes useless.
2. Plastic bottles
Most drinks and other liquids are bottled in plastic because they are cheap and light, but they can take about 450 years to break down.
We reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and use glass water bottles, We do not buy bottled water. We use home water filters.
We try to buy other liquids packed in cardboard boxes.
3. Drinking straws.
We give up them or buy paper straws
4. Toothbrushes.
We should use non-waste toothbrushes
5. Packaging
Fruit and vegetables are very often wrapped in plastic foil.
When shopping, we choose only loose vegetables and do not pack them in plastic bags.
6. Disposable cutlery.
We refrain from using them.
7. Cosmetics.
To avoid unnecessary plastic, buy cosmetics available in glass, metal or cardboard containers or cosmetics from companies that only use recycled plastic to pack their products.