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How to organize the transport of electronics

By houseoffice

Transport of electronics

Have you bought RTV equipment online and want to bring it home or are you moving and planning to transport your TV and computer to a new apartment?
Here you can learn how to safely transport electronics!
The transport of electronic equipment over shorter routes can usually be arranged without problems because most TV sets or desktop computers easily fit into a larger passenger car. We always have to remember that the transport of RTV equipment requires preparation and precaution. This equipment is very fragile and damaged.

Preparation of RTV equipment for transport

The main activity is proper packaging of the device. The best will be the factory carton because it is best suited to the shape and weight of RTV equipment and often has additional security.
If you do not have the factory packaging after your equipment, and you plan to move, there are other ways to protect electronic devices while traveling.
Just find a strong cardboard box that will best match the dimensions of your equipment. Fill the free spaces in the carton with polystyrene or bubble wrap. The less free space in the carton, the better the equipment will be protected during transport.
Another important element in the transport of electronics is the arrangement of RTV equipment.
– TV sets should be transported in a standing position
– TV sets or monitors are never placed on top of each other
– TVs and monitors are not transported with a sitting screen

After transportation, we do not turn the device on immediately, we wait a few hours to reach room temperature.