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How to reduce garbage and plastic from our environment

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How to reduce garbage and plastic from our environment   During our everyday work and in private life we ​​meet with piles of rubbish and plastic. Many of these garbage and plastic can be reduced or eliminated during the purchase. What should we do then? 1. Going to the food shopping, we make a list…

11 easy ways to reduce plastic in your life

By houseoffice

11 easy ways to reduce plastic   According to the United Nations, we generate over 300 million tons of plastic garbage every year. The time has come to reduce it. Everyone understands this and everyone should join this action. Every day in our work we meet with innumerable plastic. We want to introduce you to…

House clearance companies in London

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The city of London with its waste production of around 7 million tones a year and shortening landfill capacity is having a tough nut to crack. Therefore it came up with a waste strategy, offering a plan of how to minimize the amount of garbage going directly to the dump site. Companies cleaning houses in…

What determines the price of moving

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The price of moving Each move is different and has a number of variable factors, so in order to present to the client the exact price of his removal, we must get a response to a number of questions relevant to the move and based on the answer we can calculate the exact price. Factors…