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Eco-friendly disposal of printer cartridges

By houseoffice

Every year a massive amount which is over 375 million empty printer cartridges end up in landfills. This is worrying because around 97% of materials used to produce cartridges are recyclable or reusable.

Not everyone is thinking when throwing away those little items. They are very eco-friendly when disposed of in the correct way.

If you have an office with more than one printer then it doesn’t take long for the old toners and ink cartridges to pile up. In the end, we forget about them and get rid of them with normal rubbish, and they eventually end up leaking into the soil. Things like this should be recycled properly.


Here are few ideas what to do with old printer cartridges:

Find a recycling place and take used cartridges there

Check with your local council what are the options in your area for recycling old printer cartridges

Take them to your office supply store.

When you get new office supplies it is a good idea to take with you old, empty ink cartridges. Office stores offer recycling services to customers.

Contact the office clearance company, and ask them for their recycling options.

They can get rid of anything you don’t need in your office including empty printer cartridges and other office items.

Refill your empty cartridges

Once your original brand ink cartridges are empty, you might be able to refill them using a special kit, instead of throwing them away.


Next time when you run out of ink in your printer think before you throw it away. Reduce your carbon footprint by always recycling empty unusable printer cartridges.


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