What determines the price of moving

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What determines the price of moving

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Each move is different and has a number of variable factors, so in order to present to the client the exact price of his removal,

we must get a response to a number of questions relevant to the move and based on the answer we can calculate the exact price.

Factors that have a decisive impact on the price of moving are:

  • distance of transported furniture and other property
  • the number of people needed to load and unload the property
  • the type of car needed for the move
  • the duration of the move
  • storeys of flats
  • possibility of using the elevator or its lack
  • the number of devices that require unscrewing / disassembling

Knowing the answers to these questions, we set the price for your removal.

We assure you that we always try to calculate the price in such a way that it is affordable and cheap for our clients.


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