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House clearance companies in London

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The city of London with its waste production of around 7 million tones a year and shortening landfill capacity is having a tough nut to crack. Therefore it came up with a waste strategy, offering a plan of how to minimize the amount of garbage going directly to the dump site. Companies cleaning houses in London act in line with this premise, trying to minimize the number of waste simply thrown away.


House clearance London – offer

There are plenty of companies operating in London, and below you can find the summary of their offer and main premises.

  • Waste removal companies bet on reusing items that person ordering wants to throw away
  • They take these items to the waste treatment centers, where materials such as plastic, cardboard, paper, glass or metal are processed and passed on to other places where they can be reused
  • Some of the companies offer also single items removal
  • Many companies understand the sensitivity of compulsive hoarder syndrome and have their ways of dealing with such cases
  • They also offer garage, sched or attic clearing

House clearance Hackney

Hackney collaborates with other boroughs of London in North London Waste Plan, which assumes waste supply to the Energy Plant, thanks to which over 24 000 of households can receive energy. This is a very promising trend but it doesn’t mean the borough of Hackney doesn’t have to deal with waste collection problem.


House clearance Hackney – offer


Hackney waste removal companies’ offer is similar to the general London offer in overall premises, but it also has its own pecularities:

  • Companies in Hackney offer waste removal following the rules set by Environment Agency
  • Some of them advertise 24/7 service
  • They promise recycling and reusing of discarded items
  • The companies provide professional care adjusted to different customer needs

Last but not least


Bearing in mind the challenges behind the recycling such as mentality, confusion or technological problems exist, recycling is one of the most effective ways of dealing with rubbish so far. It is good to mention that everyone can support sustainable life with conscious choices: starting with products packages on the store shelves, via using multi-use bottles, or hiring waste removal companies instead of cleaning on their own.


house clearance recycling



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