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What to consider when choosing a mattress

By houseoffice

Each of us, getting up in the morning, would like to always be refreshed. One of the factors determining the comfort of our sleep is the mattress we use in bed, and what determines which mattress will be comfortable for you? There are always several factors that contribute to your rating of a mattress:

  • your private preferences
  • health
  • posture defects
  • the quality of the materials used in the production of the mattress

When looking for a high-quality mattress, you can come across a wide range of technological solutions that further increase the comfort of sleep.

The unique quality of the raw materials used for the production of mattresses will be provided by a unique mattress.
The foams used in the technological process will determine how the mattress reacts to body weight, position and temperature.

Even using the same materials in different proportions, we will get a completely different mattress in terms of comfort.

The most frequently chosen mattresses by customers are a hard mattress and a classic mattress with a medium degree of hardness, i.e. a more flexible mattress, susceptible to deformation under the influence of body weight.

Hard mattress
This mattress feels firm and provides stable, comfortable support. A firm mattress should be minimally elastic and after lying on it, despite the noticeable hardness, the material should adapt to our posture.

Classic mattress of medium hardness
A medium-hard mattress is a version of the mattress where the weight of the body spreads over the entire surface, enabling adequate support for even the heaviest parts of the body.
Perfect fit to the body and super comfort during sleep are the basic features of this mattress.

An important feature of any mattress is the possibility of air circulation inside the foam cells.

The feeling of softness or hardness, as well as the scale of body support, are the basic differences depending on the type of mattress.

The differences between mattresses affect your level of comfort, so analysing your needs when choosing a mattress is most important.