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Zero Waste – try it yourself

By houseoffice

Zero Waste


What to do to be closer to the idea of ​​zero waste? To be able to buy more consciously and start thinking
Do we really need all products?
Here is a list of things you can start introducing to your everyday life. At least one attempt gives so much satisfaction and the possibility that we begin to discover our inspirations and become conscious consumers who strive to reduce consumption.

1. When buying cosmetics, choose which packaging you can re-use e.g. from glass jars can be made lanterns or candles.
2. Get rid of plastic and plastic bags, for which we pay extra money and later they end up in the basket anyway.
3. Don’t buy anything on impulse, always before shopping, make a list and hang on tight.
4. Try to buy in returnable packaging.
5. Give up all coffee or drink mugs. Invest in your own thermos or a thermal mug.
6. Plastic straw? – No thanks. Choose stainless steel or bamboo.
7. Always carry water with you in a glass bottle.
8. Do not pour water after boiled vegetables – it can be used as a homemade flower fertilizer.
9. Share your food !!! -Do not throw!!!
10. Replace the plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush.
11. A reusable razor instead of a disposable one !!!
12. Zero chemistry !!! Use natural cleaning agents such as (vinegar, soda, water, lemon).
13. Toilet paper only from recycling.
14. Sort the rubbish !!! It is so trivial and yet think that you are contributing to the purification of our mother earth. Get closer to the idea of ​​zero waste and you’ll be satisfied.