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Transport of pianos and large musical instruments

By houseoffice

Transport of large musical instruments


Musical instruments include a group of materials folded and hard for transport. They have delicate workmanship with uncommonly large weight of the instrument.
For transport companies, their transport is a logistical task because the transported instrument must be properly secured.
Good transport company always have equipment adequate to perform piano transport services. From other hand a larger number of people are needed to complete the tasks due to the risk of pianos. When moving instruments we should protected the most sensitive places against abrasions and other damages by means of bubble wrap and Styrofoam pads.

Securing the piano while driving consists in its stable positioning and fastening with straps in such a way that it does not shift during the maneuvers by the driver.
In addition, every places of the piano which are exposed to
contact with the walls of the car should be protected by special transport blankets.
If we respect this rule we can be sure that piano will seafty come to new place.