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How to reduce garbage and plastic from our environment

By houseoffice

How to reduce garbage and plastic from our environment


During our everyday work and in private life we ​​meet with piles of rubbish and plastic.

Many of these garbage and plastic can be reduced or eliminated during the purchase.
What should we do then?recycling 4us
1. Going to the food shopping, we make a list of necessary things and buy only in such quantities as we are able to consume in the near future
2. For shopping, we take with us a reusable bag made of biodegradable material or paper bags.
We never buy a plastic bag.
3. We do not buy water and drinks in small pastels. If we have to buy drinks then we buy in a large package. By doing this, we reduce the plastic consumption. If it is possible, we buy beverages in glass packaging.
4. We buy vegetables and fruits not packed in plastic packaging and do not pack them in plastic bags.
We take our own biodegradable bag with us for fruits and vegetables.
5. We do not buy fruit, vegetables, bread, meat and sausages above our needs.
6. At home, we use tap water if we are sure of its good quality or we buy and assemble a filter. In this way, we will reduce the consumption of plastic bottles by hundreds per year.
7. We completely give up the use of plastic plates, plastic cutlery and straws.
8. If health allows us, we use the bike as often as possible. If we can not use the bike, we try to use public transport. We limit the use of our car, especially when we have to go alone.
8. When buying cosmetics, we choose those in glass packaging
9. We give up the liquid soap, we return to the bar soap
10. For small children, we do not buy plastic toys. In this place we buy wooden toys. This is better not only for the environment but also for the health of the child.

If you only remember the points of rational shopping, you will significantly reduce plastic consumption and waste production.

Today, it is impossible to completely eliminate the trash from our lives, but let’s remember about segregation. In this way, we facilitate their recycling.


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